Dreaming of Zhaolu flickering and shining, which means that you can be enriched spiritually. That is to say, you should think more about what life is and what love is. If you think about these issues that were previously very vague, you will definitely have new insights.

Dreaming of walking in dew, love develops quite well. The hearts of the two are intimate, and when they meet, they always hate that time flies too fast, so they will delay the time home. It would be better to go home earlier at least once.

Dreaming of walking on Frost Dew, the highest prize will be won. You can participate in a variety of prize-winning activities such as product prizes, department store raffles, lotteries, and so on. You may win again and again.

Dreamed that the body was wet with dew, and there was an undercurrent in interpersonal relationships. Especially with teachers who hate subjects, can not build a good relationship, be careful not to cause a drop in results.

Dreaming that Zhaolu was shining and shining, the spiritual aspect could be enriched.

Dreaming of dew on the leaves of green taro, if the stock market can carefully choose the right stocks, it will be a stand-alone rise and profit.

Dreaming of dew, all your hopes can be realized.

Dreaming of dew, happiness comes, life is peaceful.

Farmers dream of dew, and the crops will be bumper.

The patient dreamed that the dew had wet his clothes and would be bedridden.