Dreaming of landscapes will be respected by society.

Men dream of mountains and rivers, and have the opportunity to travel, and travel poorly for personal gain.

Seeing mountains in the dream expressed hope and difficulty.

When you see mountains in your dreams, it usually means that dreamers must overcome obstacles.

Dreaming of standing on top of a mountain means that the dreamer has overcome his fear and won praise from his consciousness.

Dreaming of slipping down from the mountain shows that he still has a lot of carelessness in daily life.

Dreaming of mountain climbing is a good sign, meaning step by step;

Dreaming of climbing a mountain with a friend means that you will get help from your friend during difficult times.

Different feelings about scenery in dreams have different symbolic meanings.

Dreaming of beautiful scenery symbolizes a beautiful future.

Dreaming of peaceful scenery means that life is harmonious and happy, or that nostalgic childhood, close friends who are far away, are full of nostalgia.

If the dream scenery is messy and depressed, which makes you feel uncomfortable, it may indicate that you may have a bad day, or you may have to endure a period of suffering.