Dreaming of the full moon, to be rich, to have a rich son. The man dreamed that the bright moonlight was pouring on the earth, the money would be covered, and there would be an accident.

Pregnant women dream of a full moon and give birth to a beautiful boy.

Dreaming that the full moon shines brightly in the air shows that everything goes well. Especially in love, there will be no disputes and quarrels, and you can spend a sweet day.

· Dreaming that the full moon will rise to the east, will show great promise. At this time, if you work harder or work harder, you will have better results. You, who are usually obscured, can be astonishing.

The crew dreamed of the waning moon and would suffer misfortune, something would definitely happen when sailing.

Unmarried men dream of the crescent moon, and couples will abandon themselves because of distressed thoughts and often insomnia.

The girl dreamed that half a month was an ominous sign. The patient dreamed of a full moon and his body would soon recover.