Cai Xia in the dream is the meaning of love.

Dreaming of Caixia or dreaming of Feiyun implies that a feeling has arisen in your heart that you do not even want to admit.

If it is a girl's dream, it means that she has a crush on a long-cherished boy in her heart, but she doesn't want to show that she is silently alone.

If the boy had this dream, it means that he was secretly in love with a girl.

The original Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams

Meng Caixia stood out. Xia Zhaoshen, the main pet came to the scene. Pregnant women have virtuous sons, virgins have good husbands, and scholars have a lot of fun. Mysterious Dreams

Meng Mingxia rises, Daji. Xia is the afterglow of the sun, and it seems to be rising. The Lord will rise, the official will rise, the profit will be doubled, the marriage will be successful, the lawsuit will be won, the disease will rise, the pregnancy is born, the Taoism is high, and the article is advanced. In all things the Lord has a glorious appearance. Mysterious Dreams

Meng Tunxia, ​​Kyrgyzstan, the master born a talented girl. Mysterious Dreams

Mengxia rises. Xia Qi is a sign of soaring. The person who dreams of this will become famous. The promotion will be profitable. The marriage will be harmonious. "Secret Secretary"

Mengxia dresses. The Lord has great celebrations, hopes and successes, things go smoothly, nobles are attracted, good friends help, and the appearance of Yi Jinrong is also. "Secret Secretary"

Meng Xia is dressed in clothes, Darjeeling. Yi Jinrong's body has great joy. To be a virtuous son, to be a good friend, to be good at things, and to be helpful. Mysterious Dreams

Dreams are falling. The dreamer's evening scene is desolate, the work is not finished, and the disease is not bad. Mysterious Dreams

Xia Guangxia shines brightly on the sky, with big luck, senior officials, and wealth. Mysterious Dreams

Case Study of Dreaming of Caixia

Description of dreams: People often say: Women are born to dream, and I think this is true. I often dream, but the most memorable dream is dreaming of Caixia. I dreamed that I was standing in the clouds, and colorful rays of light surrounded me. I floated along with Cai Xia, and I was very happy. (Female, 20 years old)

Dreamland analysis: Cai Xia's dream is the meaning of love. Dreaming of Cai Xia, or dreaming of Cai Yunfei, implies that a feeling that you don't even want to admit is born in your heart. If it is a girl dreaming, it means that a long-cherished man is secretly in love in her heart, but she does not want to show the other person that she is silently alone; if it is a boy dreaming, it shows that he secretly fell in love with a girl.