The vast and deserted desert does not mean loneliness and barrenness in dreams. Dreaming about the desert shows that you may be at a loss at this moment. The image of the desert may hide the deep meaning or truth under the revelation to explore the chaotic appearance.

If you dream that the clear sky has become a golden desert below, it means that your efforts will be successful.

Dreaming of wandering in the dark and desolate desert, suggesting famine, ethnic violence, and huge loss of life and property.

If the weather in the dreamy desert is hazy or the feng shui is rolling, it reminds you that there may be hidden opponents that will cause you difficulties, so be careful. But in the end, you will overcome those obstacles and achieve more than expected.

If you dream of falling into quicksand, it may mean that you feel that your current career or life is somewhat insecure.

Men dream of walking in the desert alone, which means that they will not communicate and have trouble communicating with people.

Women dreamed of walking alone in the desert, implying that they would suffer losses due to inappropriate words and deeds.

If business people dream of walking in the desert, remind you to be careful about the operation of funds, the business may be in trouble, you must prepare early and make decisive decisions.

If you dream of walking alone in the desert alone, it may mean that you are not very harmonious in terms of interpersonal relationships at this time, you need to make improvements and put it into practice; if a woman is dreaming, pay attention to her behavior Words and deeds, beware of speaking too much, or loss of reputation or wealth due to occasional negligence.

Dream Case Study

Dream description: I dreamed of a person walking through the desert, the vast desert is infinite. I walked and walked, walking very tired and struggling. I wanted to sit down and rest, but I was scared. I think it's better to get out of this desert and rest somewhere. (Female, 30 years old)

Dreamland analysis: The desert in the dream is the meaning of hesitation and loss. Dreaming of the desert shows that you are at a loss. At important junctures in life, it is often impossible to correctly grasp the direction and do not know where to go; men dreaming of a person wandering in the desert means that your relationship is not so harmonious at this time. You want to improve, but hesitate in action. Women dream of walking alone in the desert, suggesting that if they do not pay attention to their manners and actions, they may suffer loss of reputation or wealth. Therefore, in real life you should think twice.