Women dreaming of the sun in their arms will give birth to a world-renowned figure.

Men dream of the sun in their arms, indicating that they have a good reputation in the near future. ( Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams )

The sun is a symbol of vitality.

Dreaming of the bright sun light indicates that everything is going well.

Dream fire red sun, representing hope, you have to confidence in the future.

Dreaming of the rising sun shows that the dreamer is entering a brand-new rising period in his work or study, or indicates that the ideology of Maosset will be opened, and everything will soon be smooth. In terms of love, you may fall in love with a colleague or classmate, the emotional atmosphere between you will become better and better, grasp well, the moment of love is coming.

Dreaming about the midday sun indicates that you are in a great period of development, everything is going well, flourishing, and success is imminent; it also indicates a smooth interpersonal relationship, and in a short period of time, there will be no troubles. If the dreamer is a student, it indicates that you will have a high degree of accomplishment in your studies, and the results are gratifying. If you are preparing to start a business, it indicates that the time is ripe. You may wish to take the courage and wisdom to open up a vast world of your own. Economic constraints are limited to poor people dreaming of the noon sun, which indicates that the situation is expected to improve, and that unexpected gifts or money may be received.

Dreaming of seeing the sun setting down indicates that you may encounter a sudden turnaround, but don't worry, take good care of it and your career will go to a higher level.

Dreaming that the sun is dazzling, reminding you that the recent decline in fortune may cause disputes with friends for small things, or loss of small money, etc., and it is easy to be sad for small things.

Dreaming of the dim sun, the tumbling sun, or the escaping sun, reminds you that your family may be in trouble.

Dreaming that the sun was burning like fire meant that the wish would come true. If you have a wish, put it into action; if you have a loved one, you can confess and take action.

Dreaming of the setting sun is a good sign. There may be things that are lost and regained, or things that are blessed by misfortunes. It reminds you that you need to know how the blessings and misfortunes depend on one another. When something goes wrong, do n’t worry too much. It will be better if the rain is sunny.

Dreaming of the sun passing through the clouds, or emitting light, is a small shade that blocks the sun's rays, indicating that something uncomfortable in love may occur. When meeting with your sweetheart, you may wish to pay attention to details, clothing and conversation, to avoid when the two get along well, they are unhappy because of the small things.

Dreaming that the sun shines through the window shows that the interest in learning has grown. You may suddenly become interested in homework that you do n’t like, or have a desire to learn, and even suddenly have a good impression on a school that you have always hated. It's time to study hard.

Dreaming of the sun falling on your bed, reminding you to pay attention to rest and good health in the near future, it may cause health

Dreaming that the house is full of sunshine means that your life is happy, or your relationship is full, and your body and mind is healthy.

Dreaming that you have covered the sun means that you will encounter obstacles in your career or be in danger in your health. Pay attention to rest, do not be stubborn in terms of work and social activities, to avoid being overworked and sick, you will lose more than you pay. Your body may have been a bit overdrawn recently.

Dreaming that the sun is suddenly covered by dark clouds, reminds you that you may have a bad day, or that bad luck may come.

Dreaming that the sun is burning, warns you that you may be in danger of eye disease. Pay attention to eye hygiene and avoid excessive eye use. If the dreamer is a businessman and dreams of the hot sun, you must be careful in your business. Beware of possible losses; If the dreamer is a traveler, it indicates that there will be twists and turns in the journey, and you may encounter difficulties or accidents. Everything should be done carefully.

Dreaming of sleeping under the scorching sun indicates that you may encounter great difficulties or get into a difficult situation, but as long as you stick to it, you will be successful.

Dreaming that the sun is shining in the rain indicates that you may have disputes with people over money.

Dreaming of the sun turning black indicates depression, despair, and madness.

If you dream of swallowing the sun, you are pregnant .

Zhougong Stock Market

Dreaming of the sun in her arms, the stock market hinted that there would be a policy rise, which is bullish.