Fog means that you are subconscious, have doubts about something in life, or someone; or you ca n’t wait to see the truth, but you ca n’t find the right way. This anxiety formed a foggy image in the dream. It symbolizes the loss in life due to obscuration and unknown truth; or it symbolizes the confusion in consciousness, especially the emotional confusion.

Dreaming of fog, warns that you may be deceived by an acquaintance or friend.

Farmers dream of fog, which indicates that this year's harvest will be bad and the fields will be destroyed by heavy rain.

Dream of walking in the fog, and warn you not to be easily influenced by others, and don't make wrong judgments based on some people's evaluation of certain things, or just based on surface phenomena.

Dreaming that the fog is gradually disappearing, it means that the confusion that troubles you is about to be clarified. Worries are only temporary. Persist in the past, the fog retreats, and success will belong to you.

Dreaming that there is Guangxu shining through the fog, it means that your heart is secretly looking forward to ending the troubles in front of you. The subconscious is reminding you that you may not be far away, and it is likely that you will learn something soon, and the chaos is about to end.

Leaders or officials dream of fog, indicating that they may encounter or be troubled in the development of their careers. Maybe someone said something bad in front of the leader and caused dissatisfaction with the leader. Serious or even a dismissal crisis. Pay attention to the relationship between superiors and subordinates.

The original Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams

Seeing the fog, the Lord was deceived by his friends. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

Dream cloth fog, the Lord has authority. "Secret Secretary"

Dreaming in the fog. Traveling in the fog, meaning cloud. In this dream, everything is moist. If the disease is not cured, the depression is not dispersed, the lawsuit is difficult to understand, the lost property is missing, and the hope is unknown. Mysterious Dreams

Dream dark mist lost. The Lord is plagued by disasters, and the Lord blocks things that are difficult to do. The march also sees a major defeat. "Secret Secretary"

Meng Hei Mi Mishuang opened a compound, fierce, the Lord is in distress, and it is difficult to block things. Mysterious Dreams

Dreaming of yellow mist, fierce. The heavens and the earth are unknown, the sun and the moon are not seen, the Lord's name is unsuccessful, and the benefits are not achieved. Mysterious Dreams

Monroe was unconscious. For obscurity, everything is ominous, and it is not advisable to proceed. Mysterious Dreams

Dream fog maze room. This is a sign that the smoke is going around the house. There may be a fire at the door of the house . "Secret Secretary"

Dream fog around the palace room. This dream is a sign of smoke surrounding the house, which must be prepared for disasters. Mysterious Dreams

The fog dispersed, and the Lord's distress disappeared. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

Clouds and mists swim, good luck. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

Psychological Dream Interpretation

Dream interpretation: The fog in a dream symbolizes loss or confusion, especially emotional confusion. You may not be able to solve these problems.

Psychoanalysis: Dreaming that you are walking in the fog actually warns you not to make wrong judgments because others over-estimate certain things. It's the best way to stay calm and wait for things to come to light. In addition, the fog that appears in a dream can symbolize a transitional stage on your level of consciousness.

Spiritual Symbol: From this perspective, the fog in the dream symbolizes spiritual doubt and confusion. In addition, it represents a secret ritual in religion.

Dream Case Study

Dream description: I don't know where I am in the dream, I only know that I am surrounded by thick fog. I can't see the surrounding scenery, I just feel that there is a vast expanse of heaven and earth. I couldn't figure out the direction, so I randomly chose to walk in one direction, hoping to get out of the fog as soon as possible. (Female, 30 years old)

Dream Analysis: The misty dream is a symbol of luck and family. Dreaming of being surrounded by fog indicates that you are more depressed and less happy. If you dream that you are surrounded by fog, it indicates that your luck is sometimes good, sometimes bad, and good or bad. It also means that your family life is not happy.