Dream water lake, on behalf of the dreamer will have good luck, life may encounter the opportunity to make a fortune, you have to grasp.

Dreaming about the puddles bodes well for you to encounter good things, let you have a lot of money, live a good life of prosperity, and live a happy life.

Dreaming that there is no water in the pond, suggesting that your approach is wrong, and going on will only exhaust your resources and eventually face failure.

Dreaming that there are fish in the water pond indicates that you will achieve unprecedented performance in your career, so that your reputation will be known by many people.

I dreamed that the Qinglong Lake took me flying to dive, which is a sign of good luck and good fortune.

The original Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams

Those who see the puddle are all good luck. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

Case study of dreaming about the abyss

Dream description: In the dream, I went to the bathroom, but the public toilet became open-air, and there was a boy squatting there. I thought he was annoying, and suddenly somehow the nasty boy fell backward Everyone was exclaimed. I also turned around and looked down. There was a straight cliff behind. I think he was not saved. I think the toilet is too dirty here , so I looked for a place to wash my hands. But when it was time to go to work and I still couldn't find a place to wash my hands, I woke up in a hurry. (Female, 19 years old)

Dream analysis: In the dream, you "hate" "boys", "exclaim", "not saved", which means that your attitude towards the opposite sex is not very mature. "Toilet" and "too dirty" indicate your confrontational attitude. "It's time to go to work" symbolizes that it's the age to talk to friends of the opposite sex. "Can't find a place to wash your hands", is there any sexual depression? "Urgent" means your anxiety.