Dream water lake, on behalf of the dreamer will have good luck, life may encounter the opportunity to make a fortune, you have to grasp.

Dreaming of water pools indicates that you will encounter good things, which will allow you to have a lot of money, live a good and prosperous life, and live a happy life.

Dreaming that there is no water in the pool indicates that your actions are wrong, and continuing on will only exhaust your resources and eventually face failure.

Dreaming of fish in the water pool indicates that you will achieve unprecedented performance in your career, so that your reputation will be known to many people.

Dreaming of the blue dragon in the water pool taking me to fly into the sky to dive, this is an auspicious sign and represents good luck and good future.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

Those who see the water pool are the masters of good fortune. Dreamsmeaning Book

A case study of dreaming about the abyss

Dream description: In my dream, I went to find the bathroom, but the public toilet became open-air, and there was a boy squatting there. I thought he was very annoying. Suddenly, somehow the annoying boy fell backward Everyone exclaimed, and I turned around and looked down. There was a straight cliff behind him. I think he was out of help. I thought the toilet was too dirty , so I looked for places to wash my hands everywhere. But when it was time for work, I still couldn't find a place to wash my hands. I woke up in a hurry. (Female, 19 years old)

Dream analysis: In your dreams, you "hate" "boys", "exclaim" and "unhelped", which means that your attitude towards the opposite sex is not very mature. "Toilet" and "too dirty" indicate your confrontational attitude. "It's time to go to work" signifies that we have reached the age to talk about friends of the opposite sex. "Can't find a place to wash your hands." Is there any sexual depression? "Anxious" means you are anxious.