To dream of the sun sinking into the sea indicates that your father is about to fall ill or suffer an accident. Or, you or your relatives and friends are best not to travel, as disaster is looming.

The owner of the lost thing dreams that the sun sinks into the sea, and the thing may not be recovered. ( Dreamsmeaning Book )

Dreaming of the setting sun sinking indicates a good sign that the sky will be clear after rain. When I lost my regular ticket and felt sad, someone sent it back, and the two of them started... this kind of thing will happen.

When a man dreams of the sunset, he will suffer bad luck. A married woman dreams of the sunset, she will give birth to a girl.

An unmarried woman dreams of the sunset and wants to marry a poor family.

Zhougong Stock Market

To dream of the sun sinking into the sea, the stock market implies that the stocks are going down and will wear out for a long time.