Dreaming of a comet, she said she would be frustrated. There may be unexpected tests ahead of you on your academic or career path. If you can show your bravery and tenacity, don't be afraid to endure hardships, don't be afraid to start from scratch, be down-to-earth, persevere and stick to the end, you will be able to achieve brilliant success.

If in your dreams, when you dream of a comet, you feel full of fear, or hide around, it indicates an uncontrollable phase or unavoidable result ahead, and may even portend ordeal, disaster, fire , war , or other danger.

Psychological Dream Interpretation

Dream interpretation: Comets represent uncontrollable processes or unavoidable results in dreams.

Psychoanalysis: Dreams may try to answer or engage in questions about the speed of light.

Spiritual symbols: Comets in dreams herald the coming of difficulties, wars, fires, or other dangers.

Dream comet broom star of case studies (  )

Dream Description: A white-collar worker had a strange dream one night, first dreaming of two comets sweeping through the sky. Immediately afterwards, the dark sky didn't know how a round of the sun appeared, passing over the surface of the moon, it seemed to collide with the moon, and then the moon began to land on the earth. Subsequently, he and many people fled to some places for refuge.

Dream Analysis: This dreamer dreamed of a comet. A comet is a broom star. The word "broom star" originally came from the comet, because when the comet moves, it seems to have a tail behind it, which is shaped like a broom. It is often heard in life that someone is a broom star, noting that this person is not only unlucky, but also that people around him are unlucky because of him. This dream is an ominous dream, and the omen will meet such a person in reality and bring himself doom.