Dreaming that you are in Africa, surrounded by Africans, means that you will be suppressed by some people, or you will be harassed by someone who likes to quarrel.

The woman dreamed of the African scenery, indicating that she would feel lonely on a certain trip without other pleasures and benefits.

Dream Case Study in Africa

Dreamland description: I am a 20-year-old girl, studying alone, and I have a strange dream recently. I had a dream last week. I dreamed of going to the pyramid. A boy chased me all the way, like a suitor. I looked back and could not see his face, but I knew that he was crying, and there was a very sad mood. around. Last night I had another dream about Africa. I dreamed of traveling to the desert with a few friends, but I didn't know them. In a village, the three girls and I wore local village clothes, gorgeous and colorful, and walked into a wooden cottage. They separated with me. I met the hostess of the villa in the process of looking for them. She was wearing a blue veil. She smiled and chatted with me. She looked very weak and gave me a very dark feeling. I could n’t find an excuse to leave, and I was afraid the male owner would come back. Then woke up. The only time I mentioned that I wanted to travel to Africa three years ago, it was just a dream and I had never been there. Now I have no friends around me. I have been alone all the time. I don't know why I have two dreams about travelling to Africa in succession, I hope someone can help me see what is going on. Don't help me with ghost analysis, I'm scared ~ Thank you.

Dream analysis: Pyramid represents the supreme pursuit, the loneliness of the price of this pursuit is like a pyramid. The deactivating grave , the boy represents the need for the opposite sex and feelings in your soul. Under the temptation of the pyramid, you gradually moved away from your true desire, so he will be sad for you, Africa represents the subconscious place (primitive and true) that your consciousness has not been involved in. Three friends represent the three psychological functions you are suppressed, emotion, feeling, intuition? The wooden cottage represents your subconscious mind, where you find your fear. The hostess and the male host symbolize your mother and father, respectively, and the shadows they leave in your heart make you lose yourself.