Dreaming of customs indicates that you will encounter strong opponents and fierce competition at work.

Dreaming of entering the customs indicates that you will work hard, or you have already got the position you have long wanted.

Dreaming of leaving customs indicates loss of position, loss of business, or unsuccessful pursuit of a certain goal.

To dream of going to a foreign country or having arrived in a foreign country indicates that the dreamer urgently needs to change his vision in life. Of course, the dream is also related to the country experienced in the dream (see location). Such dreams involve the personal freedom or ability of the dreamer to cross the universe.

Dreaming of traveling abroad indicates that you can make a fortune.

To dream of going abroad indicates that you may encounter difficulties or get sick, and you are eager to get rid of reality.

A married woman dreams of going abroad indicates that she is in danger of breaking up her marriage and may be abandoned by her husband.

Unmarried young men and women dream of going abroad, it implies that they are about to become independent in life.

The old man dreamed that he would go abroad, he might get sick, or his condition got worse, and he might die.

The patient dreamed of going abroad, predicting that his condition might get worse.

To dream that you are suffering in a terrible country indicates that you will be rich and rich.

People who are implicated in major cases dream of going abroad may be severely sentenced or even sentenced to death.

Dreaming about yourself in a foreign country implies that the life in front of you is not peaceful, or that you are anxious in your heart, or have thoughts of immigration or relocation.