Dreaming that you are shrouded in dust, foreshadows that the failure of others will damage your business.

If it is a young woman, this dream means that the lover will abandon herself and find new love. If you take wise steps in your dreams to lift yourself out of the dust, it indicates that you can successfully avoid losses.

Dreaming of dirt on your body means that you are in good health and have good fortune. If the soil is wet or muddy, it means that your health is not good, and there is also a danger of breaking your fortune.

Dreaming that there is a lot of dust and a lot of customers in the business, you will benefit from it.

Dreaming of rolling in the dust, making friends accidentally, will be deceived, as poor as possible, should choose friends carefully.

Dreaming of sweeping the dust, not paying attention to the impression left by others' words and deeds, will be tarnished, and you should restrain yourself appropriately.

The original Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams

Rolling in the dust, as poor as washing. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

Dreaming of dust dirty clothes, worrying about expensive things. The Dream Book of Dunhuang