Rainy day has always been considered detain a guest days because of heavy rain blocked people's itinerary.

In dreams, rain means obstacles and barriers.

Dreaming of heavy rain means that career will encounter obstacles.

Dreaming of storms, the work you do will have a good income.

Dreaming that the storm is coming, the signs of good fortune come one after another.

A woman dreams of storms and difficulties at home.

The pregnant woman dreamed that it was raining , and the baby she was carrying was a girl.

The peasant dreamed that it was raining , it was Xiangrui, and he would have a good harvest.

Businessmen dream of rain, and business will lose money.

The patient dreamed of rain and would be bedridden.

The tourist dreamed that it would rain and the trip would end successfully.

The rain represents your love luck. If it is too late, luck will improve.

The continuous rain means that your current lover is sincere to you and can rest assured.

The original Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams

Dream half sunny and half rain. This dream goes from north to south, from east to west, and is a sign of happiness and sorrow in everything. When it comes to doing things, it is necessary to secretly cast light. Mysterious Dreams

Dream heavy rain drenched. This is the sign of Zhan En's betrayal, the literati was ranked, the official position was promoted, the merchants profited, and the litigant met the nobleman. The only ones who are traveling and sick are either lucky or fierce. It's about people. Mysterious Dreams

Dream heavy rain drenched. There is a sign of Zhan En be ze. The literati's main office was promoted, and the commercial buyer and the buyer had a rich harvest. But travel and illness are bad things, and they should be considered as people. "Secret Secretary" Dream heavy rain rushed to hide. The Lord seeks refuge. Ask someone for help, the patient goes to the doctor, the marriage supports the media, the travel chooses the partner, the lawsuit reconciles, everything is good. Mysterious Dreams

Dream heavy rain broke the wall house, fierce, a sign of defeat and defeat. It can also be interpreted as the dream of a gentleman, the Lord touched with grace, renewed in addition to the old. Mysterious Dreams

Dream heavy rain. For the lonely image of Yin Shengyang. Old age dreams, the main damage to small mouth; young people dream, fear of high age. "Secret Secretary"

Those who dreamed of heavy rain had wine and flesh. The Dream Book of Dunhuang

Dreaming of rain and suffering. The Dream Book of Dunhuang

Dreaming of rain falling, good in spring and summer, fierce in autumn and winter. "Shuanghuang Dream Book"

Dream fell red rain. As a result, pedestrians were killed. The Lord has the scourge of the sword's blood, and the family is separated. "Secret Secretary"

Meng Jiuqing was too heavy rain, good luck, no sign of success. Great fame, pedestrians come, transactions are smooth, roads meet each other, marriage has good media. Mysterious Dreams

Psychological Dream Interpretation

Dream interpretation: When it rains, the simplest representative meaning is the release of tears and feelings. You may have been upset and have nowhere to vent your feelings in real life. In dreams, rain is often the first sign that your mood is released.

Psychoanalysis: In women's dreams, the possibility of realizing a wide range is implied. Everyone should make good use of the rich benefits of rain.

Spiritual Symbol: Because the rain comes from "Heaven", it symbolizes the blessing and revelation of the gods.

Dream Case Study of Rain

Description of the dream: Ms. Fang dreamed that after the rain it was very flat, there was a green grass lying in the clear rain on the ground. The grass was very tender and lush, as beautiful as the picture. In the dream, she was still hesitating to go, because the grass was full of water and her shoes were wet.

Dream analysis: Rain is sunny, and it is a symbol of a happy ending. The troubles or sadnesses faced by dreamers will have consequences,

Everything that makes the dreamer unpleasant will be satisfactorily resolved. The clear water represents strong vitality, and it also represents a calm heart and vitality recovery. The fresh and lush green grass symbolizes the state of leisurely beauty protected by nature. The dreamer hesitates to go, implying that the dreamer needs to make a decision and must get rid of the feeling of confusion. The path taken here represents the path of life. Water is also a symbol of emotion. Dreams of water are everywhere, which may indicate that life is inevitable to face emotional challenges. Overall, this is a lucky dream.