Rainy day has always been considered detain a guest days because of heavy rain blocked people's itinerary.

In the dream, rain means obstacles and barriers.

Dreaming of heavy rain means that your career will encounter obstacles.

Dreaming of violent storms means that the work you are engaged in will have a good income.

Dreaming that the storm is about to come, then the auspicious omens are coming one after another.

When a woman dreams of violent storms, she will encounter difficulties at home.

A pregnant woman dreams of rain , it means that the baby she is carrying is a girl.

The farmer dreamed of heavy rain , it was auspicious, and he would have a good harvest.

A businessman dreams of rain, business will lose money.

The patient dreamed of rain and would be bedridden.

Tourists dream of rain, the trip will be successfully concluded.

Rain represents your love and luck. If you don’t, your fortune will improve.

The continuous rain means that your current lover treats you sincerely and can communicate with you at ease.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

Dreaming half a sunny day and half a day raining. This dream goes from the south to the north and from the east to the west. It is a sign of half happiness and half worry. If you plan to do something, you must go secretly. Menglin Xuanjie

Dreaming of heavy rain. This is the image of Zhan En being zealous, literati in the rankings, promotion of official positions, merchants gaining profits, and litigants meeting nobles as the masters. Only those with travel and illness are either lucky or violent. It should be based on the individual. Menglin Xuanjie

Dreaming of heavy rain. There is a sign of Zhanen being zealous. The official position of the literati was promoted, the merchants and buyers had a good harvest, and the litigation met the nobles. However, if travel and disease are not a good luck, it is a big culprit, depending on the individual. The secretary of the broken dream dream heavy rain hurriedly rushed to hide. The main refuge is auspicious. Ask for a name, someone to help, the patient goes to the doctor, the marriage matchmaker, travels to choose a partner, the litigation is reconciled, everything is auspicious. Menglin Xuanjie

Dreaming of heavy rain breaking the wall and house, fierce, a sign of defeat for the country and family. It can also be interpreted as the dream of scholars and gentlemen, and the master is blessed to remove the old and renew. Menglin Xuanjie

Dream of heavy rain is like a note. It is the lonely elephant of Yin and Yang. Older people dream of losing their mouths; small ones dream of fear of losing their old age. Secretary of Broken Dreams

Those who dream of heavy rain get meat and wine. Dunhuang Book of Dreams

Dreaming of the sky is cloudy and rainy, and the body is suffering. Dunhuang Book of Dreams

Dreaming of rain, good fortune in spring and summer, and fierce in autumn and winter. Shuhuang Book of Dreams

Dreams fall in red rain. Pedestrians were killed because of obstacles. The Lord has the scourge of swordsmen and blood, and the phenomenon of separation of family members. Secretary of Broken Dreams

Meng Jiuqing will have heavy rain, good fortune, whether it is a sign of Tailai. High fame and fame, pedestrians come, smooth transactions, meet each other on the road, and have a good match for marriage. Menglin Xuanjie

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: Rain, the simplest representative meaning is the vent of tears and feelings. You may have been depressed once, and there is nowhere to vent your feelings in real life. In your dreams, rain is often the first sign of your mood release.

Psychoanalysis: In a woman's dream, it implies the possibility of realization on a wide range of levels. All people should make good use of the rich benefits of rain.

Spiritual symbol: Because the rain comes from "heaven", it symbolizes the blessing and enlightenment of the gods.

Case study of dreaming about rain

Dream description: Ms. Fang dreamed of a very open flat ground after rain, with green grass standing on it lying on the ground in clear rain water. The grass is very tender and lush, as beautiful as a picture. In her dream, she was still hesitating where to go, because the grass was full of water and the shoes were wet.

Dream analysis: rain is clear, it is a symbol of a happy ending. The troubles or sad things faced by the dreamer will have results,

All things that make the dreamer unpleasant will be solved satisfactorily. Clear water represents strong vitality, as well as peace of mind and restoration of vitality. The fresh and lush green grass symbolizes the state of leisurely beauty under natural protection. The dreamer hesitates where to go, implying that the dreamer needs to make a decision and must get rid of the feeling of confusion. The path taken here represents the path of life. Water also symbolizes emotions, and water dreams are everywhere, which may indicate that life is indispensable to face emotional challenges. On the whole, this is a good dream.