Dreaming of overlooking the deep valley means that you often buy things on impulse , because you have to always warn yourself not to buy indiscriminately, so as not to regret it.

To dream of looking down into the deep valley makes your hair creepy, indicating that this is a symbol of emotional instability. I often buy things on impulse. Be careful not to regret buying useless things.

A man dreams of having fun in the valley, making him sick.

A woman dreams of enjoying in the valley, and will be separated from her husband.

A man dreams of having fun and freedom with his wife or lover in the valley, and the two will be separated.

Dreaming that you and your enemies are together in the valley, you will be in trouble.

To dream of others eating, drinking, and having fun in the valley is auspicious omen. Huiguan's luck is prosperous.

Psychological dream interpretation

Dreaming of a deep valley means that the dreamer himself has realized the "bottomless pit" or realized the emptiness and emptiness. This is an unfamiliar angle, and it is unavoidable at any time in life. Behind this scene are hidden adventures that the dreamer is about to engage in, and the dreamer may not yet understand the results.

To dream of Fukaya expresses concern about the loss caused by inspection or verification, and maybe afraid of failure in one aspect. On the positive side, dreamers may cross their own boundaries and mutual experiences. On the other hand, the deep valley also signifies that the dreamer is willing and satisfied with his contradictory counterpart, whether right or wrong or good or bad.

Hell, vicious social groups, and despicable things all appear as abysses or valleys in dreams.