Fear of failure or rejection is a rather strong personal feeling that may manifest itself as a steep slope in a dream. If a dreamer climbs a steep slope in a dream, this means that he will be unexpectedly in danger because he cannot detect the consequences of his actions. The attempt to climb the steep slope marked a huge effort to overcome obstacles that blocked the way.

The "Fool" in Tarot Cards shows this pattern throughout its path. He didn't pay attention to the steep slopes and didn't realize the danger he was in. Of course, on the other hand, he doesn't care, because he understands that he can cross or even fly over the edge. When dreamers are in great danger, they often experience such dreams.

Seeing a steep slope in a dream means that the dreamer knows exactly a mental danger.

Dreaming of the slope symbolizes career and wealth.

Dreaming of going up the slope indicates that the career will advance and wealth will be strong.

Dreaming of a downhill slope heralded a decline in career and a decline in fortune.