Dreaming of your own shadow, you will be sick, be careful of your body, and symbolize self-reflection.

Dream about the shadows of others, remind you not to take risks, or believe the news of catching the wind.

Dreaming about the shadow of the dead , especially to be vigilant, you may encounter difficulties and cause you a lot of trouble.

Dreaming of your own black shadow will be praised by others.

Dreaming of your white shadow, someone will say bad things behind you.

Dreaming of my moving shadow, my emotions will change in the next few days.

Dreaming of someone's shadow, someone in that shadow will get sick.

Dreaming of himself in the water, he was in a difficult situation in his old age.

Dreaming of his own figure in the mirror is a sign of physical strength.

Dreaming of his wife , the couple will become more and more loving.

The patient dreamed of his own figure, suggesting that his condition would worsen.

Dreaming of the shadow in the mirror, this is a good dream, will be healthy, and live longer than Nanshan.