To dream of falling stars is an ominous omen and bad luck.

When unmarried men and women dream of falling stars, love will stagnate.

The patient dreams of falling stars, his condition will get worse.

Dreaming of shooting stars symbolizes moving. The host’s house is disturbed and unstable, and will fall ill or suffer bad luck.

Dreaming of the falling of stars means that the boss and the boss have changed. If you are the boss, you must be aware of unexpected accidents.

To dream of a meteor staying in the air without falling, indicates that the dreamer will move, or that the dreamer's work will undergo new adjustments or changes.

For people in the sign of Mars, it indicates that fleeting opportunities can be captured.

For people with earth signs, it indicates that they will face a disease

For people with wind signs, foretelling eternity is done briefly again and again.

For the people of the water sign, it indicates that it has actually passed like a meteor.

To dream of a shooting star breaking through the sky indicates that the dreamer will have a short but extremely exciting success. This kind of success came suddenly and short-lived, but it was deeply rooted and unforgettable.

A young girl dreams of a meteor shower , which means that the love fortune is rising, and the sweetheart will care about you more and more.

Young boys dream of a meteor shower, which means that there will be new development opportunities and opportunities in life, and they should be paid attention to.