Dreaming of rough waves is an ominous omen, which implies that disasters will happen.

To dream of falling into the rough sea means that this period of life will lose its direction and be lost in confusion.

Single men and women dream of rough seas, they have the best luck, and the chances of saying goodbye to being single are very high.

Married people have this dream, which means that the marriage life is not going well, there are many hardships, and the husband and wife need more communication.

To dream of rising tides or storms in the sea indicates that difficulties will pile up like mountains.

Dreaming of rising tides in the sea indicates that your difficulties may pile up like mountains. Will be attacked by the enemy soon.

Dreaming of climax water indicates that the oncoming tide of opportunity indicates that your resources will increase.

Dreaming of low tide indicates that you are unwilling to change your pre-determined lifestyle. Don't be too cautious. The original way hides the factors of stagnation.

The tide in the dream, the tide is a symbol of opportunity.