The river in the dream, on the one hand, has the meaning of nurturing and nourishing, symbolizing the endless life of life, representing creativity, women or other things represented by water. In terms of sex, when people wander around in desire and guilt, it is easy to dream of rivers. On the other hand, the river in the dream symbolizes the huge obstacles that people must overcome in their growth or self-improvement, or things that are very important to you in life.

Dreaming of seeing the river, from one end of the river bank to the other, often symbolizes that life has gone from one stage to another, or has overcome trials, got rid of difficulties, and achieved self-transcendence and freedom from troubles.

Rivers sometimes symbolize death, or the boundary between life and death.

Dreaming of gurgling water means more joy.

To dream that the river is clear and gleaming in the sun indicates that you are economically rich and you like to play.

Dreaming of a turbid and dim river means that there may be insincere friends around, friendship has shadows, and love has worries.

Dreaming of a waterfall on the river indicates that your wish will be fulfilled, your work will be smooth, your studies will be progressing, and your life will be happy.

Dreaming about the river's water flow indicates that you may be in trouble and feel anxious about it.

To dream of falling into the river water indicates that you may encounter family difficulties. If you jumped into the river in your dream, it reminds you to think twice and don't be impulsive.

To dream of being washed away by a river or drowning in a river indicates that you subconsciously hope to use sex to relieve your current stress.

Dreaming of the river flooding and sweeping yourself away, pay attention to your health, you may get sick recently; or remind you that you may have property loss, and your married life is not unpleasant.

Young women dream that they are rippling in a canoe in the river, which reminds you that you have a happy life and that your future husband is a very considerate person.

Dreaming of yourself walking along the river may indicate that you are thinking or seeking answers.

To dream of swimming downstream along the water indicates that everything is going smoothly. Life and career are in order without hindrance. In terms of feelings, if you have an object of admiration, you may wish to launch an offensive, and you have great hope of success.

Dreaming of swimming upstream against the current indicates that you may break down your relationship with your friends in terms of interacting with others. Be careful with classmates and colleagues who usually disagree with yourself. Someone may be planning a conspiracy against you, and don't fall into the trap of others.

Diving into the depths of the river in the dream reminds you to pay attention to your health, you are prone to unexpected diseases, and you may get appendicitis, gastritis, nephritis and other sudden diseases. You should also be especially careful about excessive fatigue caused by staying up late and working overtime.

Dreaming of crossing a shallow river with bare feet by yourself may indicate a change in your personality, such as sudden patience.

Dreaming of camping on a river bed indicates that you may go to the countryside recently, such as swimming or climbing with a close friend . But try not to spend the night outside to avoid accidents.