Dream of a sunny day and a peaceful life.

Dreaming that the weather was clear after the rain, indicating that the worries had gone.

Dreaming that the sky is clear, it means that you have been thinking hard, hoping to improve your financial situation, but as long as you are satisfied with your stomach, your fortune and fortune will slowly go smoothly.

Dreaming that the sky is auspicious is a dream. The bright sunshine and the sky show that the dreamer's life and career are smooth and unobstructed.

Psychological Dream Interpretation

Dreamland commentary: Tianqing, the simplest representative meaning is that I feel good, and most of my dreams symbolize confidence and warmth. A sunny day represents a happy mood.

Psychological analysis: Tian Qing symbolizes hard work, and will have good results.

Spiritual symbol: Tianqing's mental understanding and upward spiritual consciousness.