Seeing the storm approaching in your dreams, you will come across the distressed unlucky things that symbolize the disease, the separation of friends, and the frustration of your career.

Dream of the weather becoming clear immediately after the storm, then your pain will not become so heavy.

Dreaming of a sand storm, covering the sky and the sun, the whole world is dim, and the sand and dust have buried the land and the house, which means that you have evils and will cause a great blow to your work and career.

Psychological Dream Interpretation

Dream interpretation: If you dream that you are in a storm, it means that you are dizzy in a situation that you cannot control. In some cases, you could have stepped back, or struggled to get into a safe place. You often leave the outside world with the opportunity to create obstacles.

Psychoanalysis: The wind in dreams usually symbolizes spiritual things. You may be too serious, you may pay too much attention to the forces that lead you to the other side.

Spiritual Symbol: On the spiritual level, the storm in a dream is not only a symbol of the soul, but also a symbol of the spiritual nature of some content.