Dreaming of rain and clear weather is a good sign and indicates a happy ending. The troubles and sorrows that make your heart frustrated will finally have a satisfactory solution, and everything will be better.

The person who has lost love dreams that the sky will clear after rain, indicating that they have finally come out of the pain of losing love, their emotions have begun to improve, and hope will be rekindled soon.

A man dreams that the weather will be clear after rain, indicating that the troubles encountered in his career will be solved, and getting out of difficulties is a smooth day.

A woman dreams that it will be sunny after rain. Maybe you had some misunderstandings with your family or husband some time ago. If you dreamed that it will be sunny after rain, it means that the misunderstanding is about to be resolved, your troubles will pass quickly, and you will be in harmony as ever.

A case study of dreaming about rain and clear weather

Dream description: I am a sad person, and I am most afraid of wind or rain , so whether it is windy or rainy, there is always a faint sadness in my heart. Once I dreamed of rain , it didn't feel good in my heart, but after a while, the rain stopped, the weather became clearer and clearer, the wet air was fresh, and my mood suddenly became brighter. (Female, 20 years old)

Dream analysis: The dream of raining and clearing the sky is a symbol of a happy ending. If you dream of rain and clear weather, it is a good sign, indicating that the troubles or sad things you are facing will have a clue, and all unpleasant things will be solved satisfactorily; dreaming of rain and clear weather, Show that your mood and emotions are gradually getting better, slowly forgetting your worries and sorrows, and come out of pain.