The sun symbolizes the hope of life, as well as the inner belief; the two suns reflect the division of inner emotions and thoughts; the rising and setting of the sun represents the ups and downs of thoughts and emotions; the appearance of the sun from the west represents the desire to challenge some traditional constraints , Thinking mode.

Dreaming about the sunset and the sun setting in the west indicates that life and harmony have reached the peak and are beginning to decline. The so-called "sunset is infinitely good, but it is just near dusk" is a warning to those who feel too good about themselves, and don't be overly intoxicated.

Dreaming that the sun is suddenly covered by black clouds implies that something bad may happen to the dreamer;

Dreaming that the sun goes down, if you sink into each other, it means that your mother may be sick; if the sun goes down, it means that your career may be in a bottleneck; if you just see the sunset, it means that you can work harder and your goal will be achieved.

Dreaming of the setting sun sinking indicates a good sign that the sky will be clear after rain. When I lost my regular ticket and felt sad, someone sent it back, and the two of them started... this kind of thing will happen.