Dreaming of a ditch, foreshadows that a distant relative who you have been thinking about will depart from you; or foresees that if you are not careful when trying new things or cooperate with strangers, you will be harmed.

Dreaming of finding something valuable in the ditch indicates that income will increase and unexpected gains will be made.

Dreaming of falling into a ditch, I warn you to be careful to avoid damage to reputation, status, and money because of your stupidity and negligence.

Dreaming of the trenches being filled in, foreshadows that many things that make you anxious are ready to come to you like an appointment.

I dreamed of a pool of stagnant water in the ditch, muddy, indicating a disease and an upset stomach, or the enemy's shadowy tricks. If the water is clear, the calm life and the love of friends will be revealed in front of you.

The original Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams

Digging deep trenches on all sides outside the dream city. The main businessman can't go far, and the inside and outside are isolated. Mysterious Dreams

Menggou water, Daji. This dream is for longevity and happiness. Mysterious Dreams

Dreams open rivers and gullies. Master Jia Jinyi, a literary and business scholar, has no limit. Mysterious Dreams

Psychological Dream Interpretation

Dream interpretation: Dreaming of deep trenches or deep holes indicates that there are unknowable risk factors in the environment around you. You have to judge this and decide what to do.

Psychoanalysis: There are unknown negative factors in your human nature, and you don't know what behavior or way to take to overcome them.

Spiritual symbolism: Deep groove represents the gate to the unknown and the nothingness on the spiritual level.