The sun shines in the rain dream, it was said that money is murder but not the blood of a knife, this is true, very often disputes are caused by money. Your dream is also warning you of possible financial disputes. It may be argued with friends due to borrowing money. In this regard, we must relax our minds, so as not to perform the tragedy of "there is no shortage of money".

Dreaming of the rain, it indicates that the emotional dispute between men and women is about to happen, the relationship between couples will be problematic, and there may be trouble between couples.

Dreaming that the rain is sunny, the things that have always made you sad will be resolved, and the boredom will pass.

Dreaming of the rainbow and the sun appearing at the same time indicates that wealth is running well. There will be plenty of pocket money to watch two movies a week.

Dreaming that the sun was shining in the rain was a sign of a financial dispute. Arguing with friends over borrowing money. Be careful not to perform a tragedy of money.

Dreaming of a thin sun shooting in the clouds indicates a red light in love. Pay attention to clothing and conversation when dating, they may face each other for the small things.