Dreaming of dew forming into frost and snow, frost is the condensation of cold air, so frost in dreams often represents bad luck, no matter what you do, it is difficult to achieve the expected goal. As stated in " Zhou Gong Jie Meng " "Frost Xue will not make the subject matter." Therefore, at this time, it is best not to take excessive actions to avoid wasting effort and gaining nothing.

Dreaming of dew, happiness comes, life is peaceful.

Farmers dream of dew, and the crops will be bumper.

The patient dreamed that the dew had wet his clothes and would be bedridden.

Dreaming of Zhaolu flashing and shining, the spiritual aspect can be enriched. In other words, you should think more over this period. What is life and what is love-further thinking on these issues will inevitably lead to new insights.

Dreaming of walking in dew, love develops quite well. The hearts of the two are intimate, and when they meet, they always hate that time flies too fast, so they will delay the time home. It would be better to go home earlier at least once.

Dreamed that the body was wet with dew, and there was an undercurrent in interpersonal relationships. Especially with teachers who hate subjects, can not build a good relationship, be careful not to cause a plummeting result.

Dreaming about cream usually reminds you that based on reality, don't lose the most basic happiness in life because of blind pursuit of short-lived enjoyment. This is your self-protection mechanism, which shows your alertness to your desire to escape from reality. Dreaming of frost, because of obstacles or obstacles, meaning that the ongoing process is deadlocked.

Dreaming of frost falling on the roof, friends will increase. May make new friends, and even people who are just plain, can also actively associate with him.

Dreamed that under the frost in the field, there was a mental problem. All day long, doing nothing. The reason is that staying up late, reading novels at night should be enough, adequate sleep is the most important.

The boy dreams that his friends are covered with frost, which means that you have opponents competing with you for jealousy, and in the end you will have the upper hand.

The original Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams

Monroe turned into frost, and frost turned into snow. Disasters come and go, bitter and bitter. Gentleman dreams, must endure small shame, donate small crickets, everything must be careful. "Secret Secretary"