Before dreaming of a storm, there will be joy in love. The best place to date is to choose quiet places, such as libraries, museums, parks at dusk, and so on.

Looking for a worker Before dreaming of the storm, there are not many fortunes in job hunting, and there may be a chance to find a door.

Dreaming of dark clouds is an ominous omen, indicating that there will be diseases nearby.

Dreaming that the sky suddenly became densely covered with clouds, which means that there are shadows in health. Pay particular attention to diseases of the digestive system. Don't eat hamburgers, red bean soup and other snacks on the way home, and don't just eat street snacks just because you are greedy.

Dreaming of dark clouds in the sky and heavy rain will encounter obstacles in your career, dreaming of violent storms, and good income from the work you are engaged in.

Dreaming of the dark clouds disappearing indicates that the infectious disease will pass away soon.

Dreaming of violent storms indicates that the work you are engaged in will have a good income;

The businessman dreams of a storm, indicates that the dreamer is good at changing his mind, can find a different way of marketing, and finally succeeds;

The tourist dreams of a storm, it indicates that the journey is exciting and exciting, and the trip is very pleasant;

The patient dreams of a storm, implying that the dreamer must always maintain an optimistic mood, and the body will soon be fully recovered;

Dreaming that the storm is about to come, auspicious omen, indicates that good things will come one after another in the dreamer.

An unmarried woman dreams of a storm, which indicates that the dreamer will overcome various pressures, decide her own marriage, and will eventually marry a wealthy husband;

A married woman dreams of a storm, indicating that the dreamer will win her own happiness after long-term hard work and hard work without regrets;

An unmarried man dreams of a storm indicates that the dreamer will pass many tests with his true feelings and win the heart of the woman he likes.