Before dreaming about the storm, there will be joy in love. The best place for a date is to choose a quiet place, such as a library, a museum, a park at dusk, and so on.

Before the workers dreamed that before the storm, there was not much job hunting and they might have a chance to come to the door.

Dreaming of dark clouds and ominous omen can signal disease nearby.

Dreaming that the sky was suddenly overcast, showing that there was a shadow in health. Pay particular attention to diseases of the digestive system. Don't eat hamburgers, red bean soup and other snacks on your way home, and don't eat street snacks just because you pout.

Dreaming of dark clouds and heavy rain , your career will encounter obstacles, dreaming of wild storms, and your work will have good income.

Dreaming that the dark clouds dispersed, heralded that the infectious disease would soon pass away.

Dreaming of storms and foreshadows good income from work performed;

The businessman dreams of a storm, which indicates that the dreamer is good at changing his mind, can find a unique marketing method, and ultimately succeeds;

The tourist dreams of a storm, which foreshadows exciting excitement during the journey, and the journey is very pleasant;

The patient dreamed of a storm, suggesting that the dreamer should always maintain an optimistic mood and that his body will soon recover completely;

Dreaming of the storm coming, auspicious signs, foreshadow good things to the dreamer one after another.

An unmarried woman dreams of a storm, indicating that the dreamer overcomes all kinds of pressure, decides her own marriage, and will eventually marry a wealthy husband;

The married woman dreamed of the storm, which foreshadows that the dreamer will win her own happiness after long-term toil and sacrifice;

An unmarried man dreamed of a storm, which foreshadows that the dreamer will pass the trial and error to win the heart of the woman he likes.