The rainbow symbolizes beauty and hope. A rainbow in the dream is a great thing, it indicates that all the unhappiness is about to pass, and you will be greeted with great happiness. At the same time, the rainbow also means your pursuit of yourself spiritually. In the dream, the curved shape of the rainbow in mid-air connects the earth to the high sky, and connects rain, sunshine, fresh air and many other elements together. It indicates that your creativity is rich and it is a good time for inspiration to burst into creation.

To dream of two rainbows indicates that there will be a rival in communication. If you don't cheer up, your lover may be robbed.

If the rainbow seen in the dream is not complete with seven colors, it may indicate that something bad will happen, especially in terms of interpersonal relationships, which may indicate conflict with others. For those who have always disagrees with yourself, it is best to stay away at this time.

To dream of seeing a rainbow with all seven colors indicates that everything is going well and everything is going well. In terms of feelings, if you confess to the person you love at this time, you will not be rejected.

A married woman dreams of a rainbow indicates that she may be separated from her husband for a period of time.

A married man dreams of a rainbow indicates a happy family and a happy life.

Unmarried young people dream of rainbows, indicating that they will get married soon . A woman will marry a husband who loves herself and has a bright future.

People in love dream about rainbows, which indicates that they will be happy and sweet in photos with their sweetheart.

People who are away from home dream of a rainbow, which means that the return date is approaching and may soon return to their hometown to reunite with their family.

The patient dreamed of a rainbow, implying that the body has recovered unconsciously and the day of recovery is not far away.

The prisoner dreamed of rainbows, it was a sign of declining health and weight loss.

The soldier dreamed of a rainbow, indicating that he might go to the front line to participate in fierce battle.

The farmer dreams of a rainbow, a harbinger of a good harvest, and a good barn.

A businessman dreams of a rainbow indicates that there may be losses in business.

Dreaming of a rainbow hanging on the mountain indicates that there will be great progress in work and study, and will appreciate the superiors and teachers, and the future is full of hope.

Dreaming of feeling that you cross the rainbow, there will be strong opponents, maybe in career, maybe in relationship, in short, you must cheer up and deal with it carefully, otherwise you will lose money.

The rainbow in the dream hangs over the vast fields, suggesting that in the recent period, you may have a tendency to waste or face financial risks. Be careful not to always go shopping impulsively, and not to invest too risky.

Dreaming that the rainbow and the sun appear at the same time, the wealth is running well, there will be plenty of pocket money.

Dreaming of a half rainbow indicates that something bad will happen. Maybe your plan will be abandoned halfway.

Zhouyi Interpretation of Dreams

A married man dreams of a rainbow is an auspicious sign, and life will be happy and full of love. A married woman dreams of a rainbow, she will be separated from her husband for a long time. An unmarried man dreams of a rainbow and will soon get married. An unmarried woman dreams of a rainbow, she will marry a smart, capable and considerate husband. A man in love dreams of a rainbow is a good omen and will get along well with his lover. The person who left the house dreamed of a rainbow, and soon will go home to be reunited with his wife and children. The patient dreamed of a rainbow and he recovered quickly. The prisoner dreamed of a rainbow, his health would deteriorate and his weight would decrease. A soldier dreams of a rainbow, and will soon go to the front line to participate in a fierce battle. The farmer dreams that the rainbow is a good omen and can get a good harvest. A businessman dreams of a rainbow is an ominous sign and his business will lose money. Tourists dream of rainbows, and their goals will be achieved. The exile dreamed of a rainbow and would soon return to his homeland. Dreaming of a half rainbow indicates that disaster will be imminent.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

The red rainbow appears, and the Lord has good luck. Dreamsmeaning Book

The black rainbow appeared, and the Lord was fierce. Dreamsmeaning Book

See the rainbow, the hero is happy. Dreamsmeaning Book

See the rainbow, the heroine separates. Dreamsmeaning Book

Menghong is broken, the mastermind is obstructed, and the life span is not long. Those who dream of the rainbow regard red and red as auspicious, and black and white as their evil. The rainbow breaker is very ominous. Menglin Xuanjie

Menghong rises from the horizon, and his homeland is disturbed and restless. Secretary of Broken Dreams

Menghong ascends to heaven, the Lord wins a precious son. Menglin Xuanjie

Meng Jianghong (a beautiful rainbow), the main famine, and fear of adultery. Women's seizure of patriarchal power is the result of a family disorder. Menglin Xuanjie

Dream Jianghong. If women seize male power, if they use Yin and Yang, Shijia will be disordered. The main phenomenon of apology is fearful of adultery. Secretary of Broken Dreams

Dreams of thunder and lightning go with the rainbow, fierce. Lost fame and fame, dying of illness, merchants lose their money, everything is disadvantageous. Menglin Xuanjie

Rainbow rises on the water of dreams, auspicious, the image of this dragon rising from the dragon. The dream of a literati is expensive; the husband of a woman's dream is obvious; the dream of a flat man must be a bridge, and he has great merit. Menglin Xuanjie

Rainbow rises in the dream sky. For those who dream of this, the master is restless, and the country is not peaceful. Menglin Xuanjie

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: The rainbow that appears in the dream is a symbol of hope, signifies the restoration of health, and embodies creativity and imagination.

Psychoanalysis: Broadening consciousness and accepting acceptance of rainbow-like transient things means that you need delicate feelings. In addition, the rainbow also marks the connection between opposites, especially the connection between feeling and will.

Spiritual symbol: On the spiritual level, the rainbow is a symbol of perfection.

Case study of dreaming of rainbow

Dream description: There is an old man who has a bad relationship with his children because of various differences. One night, he dreamed of many rainbows, all over the sky, very beautiful. He was very happy to see this scene in his dream and thought it was very beautiful. Soon, the old man became seriously ill, and he returned before the life and death pass. The old man became more peaceful and his relationship with his children improved.

Dream analysis: The rainbow dream is a spiritual symbol, representing forgiveness, hope and commitment, and implying that the dreamer is seeking his true self. The rainbow is also a bridge between heaven and earth, symbolizing the connection between consciousness and a higher spirit. The rainbow fills the dreamer's heart with optimism and cheerfulness, and feels that the ordinary creativity is flying to the sky with the rainbow. This is a very lucky dream.