Dreaming that the firewood is burning, this dream really foreshadows a dry firewood love, so your love will become more intense. Previously, a phone call or a love letter every day could not meet the inner needs of the two people. They had to date every day. But over-enthusiasm will inevitably cause burns, so timely calm is also necessary.

Dreaming of wood burning is warning you to pay attention to the movements of the enemy or competitors, to prevent the other side from attacking you. If the burning wood is a raging fire, it means that you are lucky, and you can be lucky.

Dreaming that the stove is burning firewood, it means that your family is very strict in family education. In addition, there may be someone in your family who becomes a celebrity, so life becomes rich and makes neighbors envy.

Dreaming that the grass on the haystack is burning, and it is burning more and more vigorously, which means that your work will be smoother and smoother, and you will soon be flying yellow.

Dream fire burning vegetation, water represents the hard phase. Try to avoid places near the sea, lakes, rivers and other places with water. Do not think that swimming pool is very safe, the pool is dangerous. There is a possibility of theft, and the management of money and valuables must be careful. Pay special attention to pickpockets, especially in round-trip trains.