Dreaming of the clear waters of the Yellow River is a good omen.

The businessman dreamed that the Yellow River was clear, indicating that he could make money in the transaction.

A person in love dreams of clear water in the Yellow River, which indicates that the time to propose has come.

A pregnant woman dreams of clear water in the Yellow River, which indicates that she will give birth to a son.

Dreaming of the gurgling river means happiness;

Dreaming that there are waterfalls in the river indicates that you can realize your wishes and work, study and live smoothly;

To dream of a clear river, shining in the sun, means that you are economically rich and you like to play;

Dreaming of a black and young river means that the friends around you are not sincere and love is not happy;

Dreaming of a river flooding and washing yourself away implies illness and loss, and an unhappy marriage;

Young women dream of rippling in a canoe in the river, indicating that life will be happy and their husbands will be very considerate;

Dreaming that the river is turbulent means that you are anxious because of troublesome things.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

Dreaming that the source of the Yellow River is clear and lucky. The person who dreams of this transaction is successful, merchants, good marriage proposals, pregnant women, lawsuits are justified, the Lord has both food and drink. Menglin Xuanjie