Dreaming of the clear water of the Yellow River is a good omen.

The businessman dreamed that the Yellow River was clear, indicating that he could make money in the transaction.

People in love dreamed that the Yellow River water was clear, indicating that the time for marriage proposal had come.

The pregnant woman dreamed that the water of the Yellow River was clear, indicating that she would have a son.

Dreaming of the river gurgling means happiness;

Dreaming that the river has a waterfall, which means that you can achieve your wishes, work, study and life smoothly;

Dreaming of clear rivers, sparkling in the sun means that the economy is wealthy and likes to play;

Dreaming of the black and young rivers means that the friends around are not sincere and love is not happy;

Dreaming of the river flooding and washing away, implying illness and loss, and unhappy marriage;

The young woman dreamed of rippling in a canoe in the river, suggesting that life would be happy and her husband would be considerate;

Dreaming of the river's rushing water means anxiety over troublesome things.

The original Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams

Dreaming that the source of the Yellow River is clear, good luck. The person who dreams of this has become a trader, merchant Jali, a good marriage proposal, a pregnant woman, a lawsuit, and the Lord has both wine and food. Mysterious Dreams