Fog is bitter. Fog makes people unable to see the scene clearly, and it is extended to cover and deceive.

Dreaming that he was surrounded by mist, it means that his destiny is changeable and his family is miserable.

If the mist disappears, it means that your troubles will not last long.

Dreaming of others in the mist indicates the misfortune of others, but it benefits you.

Dreaming about the fog means that you will be deceived by your friends. Choose your friends carefully.

Dreaming that the fog is gradually dissipating means that the confusion will be clarified, the pain is only temporary, it must be persisted until the end, and victory will be yours.

When officials dream of fog, it means that someone has complained to them, causing dissatisfaction with their supervisors, and there is a danger of being fired. Attention should be paid to the relationship between superiors and subordinates.

Farmers dream of fog, the fields will be destroyed by heavy rain.

Psychological Dream Interpretation

Dream interpretation: The fog in a dream symbolizes loss or confusion, especially emotional confusion. You may not be able to solve these problems.

Psychoanalysis: Dreaming that you are walking in the fog actually warns you not to make wrong judgments because others over-estimate certain things. It's the best way to stay calm and wait for things to come to light. In addition, the fog that appears in a dream can symbolize a transitional stage on your level of consciousness.

Spiritual Symbol: From this perspective, the fog in the dream symbolizes spiritual doubt and confusion. In addition, it represents a secret ritual in religion.