Dreaming of learning geography means that you will start a long journey and visit scenic spots.

Dreaming of the Earth seen from space, the blue big planet floating alone in the indifferent universe, this scene implies that you have no sense of security in your heart.

Dreaming of leaving the earth is a sign of fear of death in your heart.

Dreaming that the earth and other planets orbit the sun is a sign of good health and longevity.

When you dream of a starless ball, it means that your plan and effort will create good results. If the dreamed planet happens to be your own constellation, you may be mentally tortured.

Dreaming of an earthquake , indicating that the dreamer may have had a memory of the earthquake and fearing the earthquake in his heart;

For the average person, dreaming of an earthquake may mean that the dreamer has found the center of gravity of his life and can start his life firmly and fearlessly;

Scholars and experts dream of earthquakes, meaning that dreamers will be world-renowned for their academic achievements;

University teachers dream of an earthquake, meaning that dreamers are known for their outstanding achievements;

I dreamed that the house where I lived was shaking, and things on the ceiling fell down, but the house did not fall down, indicating that the job of the dreamer may be changed, or the lover will be transferred to work outside the field;

Dreaming about the situation after the earthquake, reminding the dreamer that there may be quarrels at home or that the family members will be sick, reminding the dreamers that they should try to avoid quarrels at home and should take more time to take care of their families;

Dreaming of watching the earthquake for a long time implies that the dreamer's career or business has improved, and more opportunities may appear, reminding the dreamer to be on time and seize the opportunity.