Dreaming of heavy snow, ( Zhou Gongjie dream www.zgjM.org) signs of illness or family trouble.

I dreamed that the snow was flying and the road was dark, showing signs of misfortune.

The scene of the pregnant woman dreaming of heavy snow is a sign of giving birth to a strong and healthy son.

Dreaming that the house was full of snowflakes, indicating something worrying in the house, disturbing the whole family, and being very irritable.

I dreamed that there was residual snow in the melting snowdrifts, and that things were going smoothly, and they could not end successfully and ran around, causing a certain degree of loss.

Dream of dreams that the snowflakes or remnants of the body do not fall, funerals, or major accidents.

Dreaming of snowflakes or frost, things in progress can not be resolved smoothly, facing obstacles and difficulties.

Dreaming of walking along the snow, following famous people or doing a great job of organizing great people.