Dream of buying land, strong body.

Dreaming of buying land, I can find a wise and beautiful wife, or business is booming. In short, this is a good dream.

Dreaming of selling land, starving.

The young man dreamed that he would get a donated land and would marry a beautiful girl.

The married man dreamed of getting a donated land, and his wife would bring him a lot of property.

The married woman dreamed of getting a donated land, and she had no worries and happiness.

Dreaming of buying a house or land is a sign that the career path is smooth, dreaming of selling a house or land is a sign that you will make ends meet.

Dreaming about bargaining with land buyers, you need to be patient in doing things, and you must pay attention to avoid others using it.

Dreamed of buying land at home, and improved skills. Skills in calligraphy, abacus and musical instrument playing will be greatly improved.

Minors dream that when they buy land at home, they have good health, and their physical condition is good. Increased willpower will also increase your resistance. The knee is a vulnerable area. It is best to wear knee pads when exercising.

Married men and women dream of buying land, heralding a fight with each other!

Unmarried women dream of buying land, they will find a boyfriend and their career will be even better!

Unmarried man dreams of buying land, getting married and starting a business!