Dreaming of dust symbolizes losing or burying an emotion, a past event. It is usually related to the gains and losses in the dreamer's life experience. It may be an important person in your life, or it may be a certain emotion, a precious object. It embodies your inner feelings of loss, endless sadness, helpless forgetting and other emotions.

Dreaming of flying dust indicates that you will face new problems.

Dreaming of cleaning up the dust will lead to a complete failure in life.

Dreaming of rolling in the dust makes the house impoverished.

Dreaming of the dust just picked up around flowers or trees means that the dreamer's body is very strong and strong.

Dreaming that your clothes are stained with dust indicates that only by leaving your hometown can you escape the epidemic, or you can only accept legal punishment.

To dream of someone throwing dust at you means that the enemy is trying to corrupt your personality.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

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