Dreaming of a meteorite, this is a good sign. The fall of a meteorite symbolizes the arrival of a good star.

Dreaming that the fall of a meteorite hurts himself is a good sign that he will be blessed by disaster.

The pregnant woman dreamed that the meteorite fell to her home, indicating that the dreamer would have a smooth birth, and the baby would be a blessed person. Keep your peace of mind and welcome your baby.

The person who is in love dreams that the meteorite falls and hits himself, indicating that the dreamer may find his favorite object again, or may rekindle his old feelings and reconcile. The specific choice is in your own hands.

The patient dreams of a meteorite falling, which indicates that the dreamer's disease will leave you. It is necessary to maintain a good attitude and continuous exercise, which will accelerate physical health.

The businessman dreamed of the meteorite falling, indicating that the dreamer would make a mistake in decision-making and cause himself to lose money. It is recommended to make a detailed plan to save his expenses.

The unemployed dreamed of a meteorite falling to himself, indicating that the dreamer will find a satisfactory job in the near future, and talk as clearly as possible during the interview and be more confident in himself.

Married people dream of falling meteorites, indicating a condition in the dreamer's feelings. If not remedied in time, it will lead to family dispersal.