Dreaming of a comet means that you will be frustrated. In your academic or career path, there may be unexpected tests waiting for you. If you can exert your brave and tenacious spirit, you are not afraid of enduring hardship, you are not afraid of starting from scratch, being down-to-earth, persistently moving forward, and persevering to the end, you will surely achieve brilliant success.

If in the dream, when you dream of a comet, you feel full of fear in your heart, or hide around, it indicates an uncontrollable stage ahead or an unavoidable result, and it may even herald the coming of suffering, disaster, fire , war , or other dangers.

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: Comets represent uncontrollable processes or unavoidable results in dreams.

Psychoanalysis: Dreams may try to answer or engage in questions about the speed of light.

Spiritual symbol: the comet in the dream heralds the arrival of difficulties, wars, fires or other dangers.

Case study of dreaming about a comet

Dream description: I dreamt that I was looking at the sky with a telescope. There are many stars reflecting my sight. Big and small stars, so you can't count them. At this time, I discovered a comet. I think the comet can inspire and give people wisdom. (Male, 22 years old)

Dream analysis: The comet in the dream is a symbol of perseverance and perseverance. Dreaming about comets are mostly brave, tenacious, persevering people. They have resilience that ordinary people do not have. No matter what you do, you must stick to it to the end; dreaming about comets means that there is something unexpected in your studies or career. The test is waiting for you. In addition, the dream Shui star, indicating an excellent job because of your performance, your status will increase. Dream Huo Xing, it is a little contradictory meaning. People who dream of Mars prefer to be clean and neat when doing things. They don't want to be muddled, but sometimes they act too hastily. Therefore, when dealing with things, you must maintain a calm mind and try to restrain yourself, so that it is possible to avoid conflicts and reduce conflicts.