In the eyes of the world, rainwater represents harvest and results, but in addition to this meaning, rainwater may also hinder our going out and our original plans and decisions. In the dream, dreaming of rain is also a sign of hindrance and obstruction.

Rain is often a sign of sadness. Rain in dreams often appears as a subtle background and is easily overlooked. When people feel or see a single raindrop in their dreams, it best reflects sadness. The rain in a container hints at a feeling of extreme emotions that cannot tolerate something over-exposed. If this is the case, then you have to admit that your mood was not calm.

The lover dreams of continuous rain, which means that your love is very good. Your love is very sweet, your lover loves you very much and cares about you.

Dreaming that the flowers and plants are wet by rain, all the troubles and disasters you encountered before will pass. Contradictions and emotional disputes between friends will be a thing of the past, and happiness will follow you closely.

The original Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams

Dream rain floods the atrium. The richness of the Lord is a sign of good fortune. The main business is profitable. "Secret Secretary"

Mengyushui people's house turned gold and silver, which is a sign of sudden wealth and poverty. Things are good, but they cannot last. It is also a sign of happiness. Mysterious Dreams

Psychological Dream Interpretation

Dream interpretation: Rain, the simplest representative meaning is the release of tears and feelings. You may have been upset and have nowhere to vent your feelings in real life. In dreams, rain is often the first sign that your mood is released.

Psychoanalysis: In women 's dreams, the possibility of realizing a wide range is implied. Everyone should make good use of the rich benefits of rain.

Spiritual Symbol: Because the rain comes from "Heaven", it symbolizes the blessing and revelation of the gods.