The literati dreamed that the peaks and mountains were pretty, indicating that they would be very noble.

Ordinary people dream of beautiful peaks and mountains, which indicates that they will become the leader of all wise men.

To dream of yourself standing on the top of a mountain indicates that you will successfully overcome your fear of fear, achieve your goals, and win praise. But it also reminds you that if you are proud and complacent, you will go downhill. But if you are in love, this dream indicates that there will be many troubles in love. In addition to the present lover, another attractive opposite sex may appear to pursue you, giving you some bad choices. If you are paying attention to yourself, standing on the peak of the dream, it means that you will be able to recognize yourself better.

To dream of mountain climbing means to climb higher and higher, indicating that you will be promoted in your work and have a great future. It also means that you need to work hard to overcome difficulties.

Dreaming of climbing and climbing a mountain represents the conquering of difficult problems. If you dream of being unable to climb up anyway, it may be a reminder that you are trying to work in a wrong way and you should change your direction.

To dream of climbing a mountain with a friend indicates that when you encounter difficulties, you will get the support of your friends. The sincere friendship will help you tide over the difficulties together.

To dream of climbing a mountain through a lot of hard work indicates that you will be very busy soon. There are a lot of activities, and there is almost no time for rest and entertainment, but I feel happy and full in spirit.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

Mengfengluan is pretty. The literati dominates the nobles, and the ordinary people dominate the heroes. Menglin Xuanjie