Thin clouds can shade the sun, so it usually symbolizes those brief hazes in life, or unpleasant troubles.

If it is a bright, colorful cloud, it is a sign of good things; otherwise it may be a sign of disaster or doom. It reminds you to take precautions early to avoid possible trouble or danger.

If you see a splendid and glorious cloud in your dream, it points to the religious color deep in your heart. You may have a pure religious complex in the subconscious, and long for the purification and sublimation of the soul; A person or something has shocked you or suddenly realized.

The peasants dreamed that the white clouds fluttered, indicating a good year and a good harvest.

The doctor dreamed of billowing clouds and watched out for infectious diseases nearby.

In the dream, the clouds were scattered by the wind, indicating that all disasters would pass, and the future would be peaceful and happy.

The clouds you see in your dream are very close to the sun, suggesting that you must build confidence and maintain an optimistic attitude. The sun will eventually disperse the clouds, and noble people will help you through the difficulties.

Dreaming that you are sitting on the cloud indicates that your love is progressing well, you have formed a tacit understanding with your lover, and will be happy and sweet in the future.

Dreaming of the sun breaking through the clouds, and the sun shining brightly, indicates that you may have the opportunity to reconcile with your past rivals or discords and friends, which will bring about a turning point in your relationships.

The clouds in the dream flow fast in the air, and the flowing clouds change rapidly, indicating that there may be accidental injuries or sudden illness in the family.

Dreaming that you are flying in the clouds indicates that you are expected to be promoted, or be elected as a representative by the community, or act as an opinion leader for others.

Dreaming that the sky is suddenly overcast with clouds, it reminds you to pay attention to the health of your body, especially the diseases of the digestive system of the dyke, and not to eat street snacks casually because of your mouth.

I dreamed that I was standing on the top of a mountain overlooking the sea, and I will have unexpected gains in money in the near future. Maybe there will be gifts from elders or additional rewards.

Dreaming of the dark clouds over the wide plain, maybe you are a very self and strong personality, or your recent self-proposition is too strong, even a bit arbitrary, and rarely takes care of others' thoughts and psychological feelings, let your friends They are a little disgusted. This dream reminds you to pay attention to your words and deeds, and test papers care about the feelings of others, otherwise, be careful to be rejected by friends in the near future.

Dreaming of an acquaintance appearing in the air with a cloud, this may be an expression of your subconscious, hope that death is calm and serene, not so terrible.

Psychological Dream Interpretation

Dream interpretation: According to the dream, the cloud in the dream may have two representative meanings. It may be a sign of inner excitement or religious feeling, which means that you feel that you are shocked by someone or something. The cloud in the dream may also warn you against possible troubles and dangers.

Psychoanalysis: You may have a melancholy hidden in your psychology, and you can only deal with it when it becomes a tangible image in your dream.