Dreaming about the great development of rivers and rivers, this is a sign of good fortune. The master of the company is enterprising, the business owner is greatly rewarded, and luck is very prosperous.

Dreaming of gurgling flowing water, mostly expressed joy.

Dreaming that the river is clear and sparkling in the sun means that the economy is rich and I like to play.

Dreaming of a murky and dim river, it means that there may be unsincere friends around, friendship with shadows, and love with worry.

Dreaming of a waterfall on the river indicates that your wishes will be realized, work smoothly, learn and progress, and live a happy life.

Dreaming of the river's water potential indicates that you may be in trouble and feel anxious about it.

Dreaming of falling into the river reminds you that you may encounter family difficulties. If in your dream you jump into the river, you are reminded to think twice and not to be impulsive.

Dreaming about being washed away or drowning in the river means that your subconscious hopes to use sexual love to relieve the current stress.

Dream about the river flooding and take yourself away, be careful of your health, you may get sick recently, or remind you that you may have property damage and unhappy marriage life.

The original Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams

Mengjiang water burst out. This is a sign of good luck. The owner is aggressive, the business owner is greatly rewarded, and luck is very prosperous. "Secret Secretary"

Mengjiang is like blood. The Lord has blood and fire, or fires, and everything is ominous. Mysterious Dreams

The waters of the Mengjiang River are flooding, and it is good luck. The host, Feng Cathay, is lucky in luck, enterprising, enterprising, profitable, and auspicious. Mysterious Dreams