Dreaming that a lightning strikes a tree, in reality, being hit by a lightning is a misfortune, but if you have such a dream, it foreshadows that your tree of love will sprout. And, if the tree struck by lightning breaks and catches fire, then this love will be lightning.

Dreaming of your loved one being hacked, this just represents a kind of anxiety for you; maybe some recent status of your loved ones makes you worry, at this time, they need your care and help more;

Dreaming of being hacked by thunder, the "" in the dream also heralded a rebirth, implying that the dreamer wanted to change his current status and situation, and had made a determination in the subconscious; as long as the direction was correct, he must do it in time Make decisions and actions and start your new career and life;

Dreaming of a thunder tree, this is your subconscious awareness and a reminder to yourself in the dream; some of your recent practices may be wrong, or there may be people or things that are not good for you. In short, you must be cautious and think twice before doing things recently.

A married woman dreams of a thunderstorm and will love her husband more.

The unmarried woman dreamed that the rain was pouring down and the thunder was roaring, and she would marry a famous person.

Businessmen dream of thunder and make a fortune.

The patient dreamed of heavy rain and thunder, and his body would soon recover.

The prisoner dreamed of a thunderstorm and would soon be released from prison.