Dreaming about the drought is a sign that you may suffer short-term suffering, but soon you will be out of the hardship and regain your comfort.

Dreaming about drought is often a sign of dryness or the need for emotional nourishment.

It is possible that in your life you are suffering emotionally, or a loved one has died , and your heart is extremely sad.

Dreaming about drought may also indicate that something is wrong with your career and you are in trouble.

Dreaming of famine due to drought indicates that the economy is in recession, and that your health is not good and your spirit is poor, which may be the cause of your bad business. And in a dream, if your enemy dies due to hunger, it means that you compete with him and you will finally win.

Dreaming of famine, business will be in trouble, it is impossible to win a lawsuit, but the loss is not too big.

Dreaming that the famine is over, the future is bright and full of hope.

Dreaming of being starved to death, you will be destitute.