Fossils are stones made from the remains or relics of creatures living in the distant past. In the long geological age, countless creatures have lived on the earth, and many of the remains of these creatures after death or the traces left over from their lives were buried by the sand at that time. In the following years, the organic matter in the remains of these creatures was completely decomposed, and the hard parts such as the shell, bones, branches and leaves, together with the surrounding sediments, were petrified and turned into stone, but their original shape, structure (even Some subtle internal structures) are still preserved; similarly, the traces left by the living creatures can also be preserved in this way. We call these fossilized biological remains and remains as fossils. From the fossils, you can see the appearance of ancient animals and plants, so you can infer the living conditions and living environment of ancient animals and plants, you can infer the age and experience of the formation of the stratum where the fossils are buried, and you can see that the creatures have evolved from ancient to ancient times. Changes today and so on.

Dreaming about fossils, on the one hand, may prompt you to get clues from past materials, people and events; on the other hand, fossils may also symbolize people around you with rigid ideas and outdated concepts.

Dreaming of amber indicates that you will get rich and good luck; or the existing losses will be made up unexpectedly.

Dreaming of amber will bring unexpected gains in health and economy.