Dreaming that there is no one in the field indicates that you are going to travel far.

Dreaming of a deserted field indicates that your recent plans may fail.

Dreaming that you are drilling a wood in the field and lighting a fire indicates that the dreamer will be more dependent on someone in the near future. The more lively place is, the more popular the dreamer will be, which will make the dreamer feel happy and safe. When you have free time, you can attend more gatherings, and you will recognize a good noble person. If the dreamer wants to get help from the other party, he must understand the other party's preferences in advance, know how to score, and never let him play.

To dream that you are setting a fire in the wild is a good omen. Although the previous days are a bit bitter, but the pain comes with all your heart, as long as you believe in yourself, nothing can't be achieved. The career development is smooth, there are good opportunities waiting for the dreamer, which needs to be firmly grasped. Wealth luck is also good, there is a large sum of money into the account, but health is normal, you need to pay more attention, as long as more exercise and maintenance to strengthen your own body, it can be avoided.

A man dreams of having a meal in the wild, he is going to be sick.

But if a woman dreams of having a meal in the wild, her husband’s family will increase her population.

The patient dreamed of having a meal in the field and would be bedridden.

A man dreams of participating in a wild dinner is a good sign, and he will be healthy and refreshed.

Married women who participate in outdoor dinners will receive cold eyes and insults from other women in the husband's family.

A businessman dreams of attending a wild dinner, his business will be frustrated.

The patient dreamed of participating in a field dinner, and his body would be healthy soon.

Students dream of participating in outdoor dinners, often failing exams , and their future is affected.

Dreaming that if you did not attend a picnic party, someone in your family would be seriously ill or die.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

There is no one in the wilderness, and the Lord travels far. Dreamsmeaning Book

Dreams are empty and wild, fierce. The Lord has failed all his hopes, diseases are difficult to catch, and marriages fail. Menglin Xuanjie