It is not a bad thing to dream of falling in a waterfall. On the contrary, it is regarded as the arrival of fortune in dream interpretation.

A woman dreams of coming to the waterfall and being showered by the waterfall indicates that she is about to make a fortune. Hinted that she would be lucky.

Regardless of the status of a person, if you dream of being caught in a waterfall, it indicates that the dreamer will have very good fortune and is extremely suitable for starting your own business or business.

The businessman dreams of falling into the waterfall indicates that the dreamer's business will be prosperous and wealth will grow.

Dreaming of a waterfall indicates that something good will happen to the dreamer, and that your position and social status will be promoted, and you will gain a huge reputation and become a celebrity.

The patient dreamed of a waterfall, indicating that the dreamer's condition would soon get better and he would be able to recover stronger than before.

Students dream of waterfalls, their academic performance will improve rapidly, and they will be praised by their elders and admired by their classmates.

A pregnant woman dreams of a waterfall indicates that all the baby in the dreamer's belly is healthy. What she has to do now is to take care of her body and wait for the day of delivery.

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: Dreaming of a waterfall showering on one's body, prosperous fortune.

Psychoanalysis: dreaming of falling in a waterfall indicates that wealth is prosperous. If you open a grocery store or do other businesses at home, customers will be overwhelming, and your income will rise sharply.