Many friends have dreamed that they are in a high place or fall from a high place. This type of dream scene is basically similar. The most important thing when interpreting a dream is to explain it based on the dreamer’s identity and recent psychology.

Those in power dream of climbing high

The height of the terrain symbolizes the height of the position.

To dream of climbing up means that you are no longer afraid of the dangers of heights, and you are ready for higher positions, so you will be promoted in reality. To dream of sitting on the top of the tower means that the tower has more spiritual meaning. Such a dream means that you can become a spiritual leader, a role model or an idol for people. To dream of climbing to the top of a tree, the shape of the tree is more like the organizational structure of the real society. Such a dream represents an increase in real positions and will become a leader with leadership skills.

In the above-mentioned climbing situations, whether you are climbing or standing on a high place in a building, as long as you feel pleasure, the dreamer will have a tendency to rise and rise. If you are standing on a high place and feel scared and anxious, it can only mean that you will feel it in the near future. The danger is great, the responsibility is great, the loneliness is great, and the height is too cold.

Woman dreaming about building

The building is a symbol of men. Dreaming of looking up at tall buildings expresses longing for men. Dreaming of climbing up a tall building expresses the desire to have a lover. To dream of looking down from the top of a tall building is afraid, which means that you are both looking forward to and afraid of sex.

Dreaming of falling from a height

Falling dreams can express people's mentality about social status, work achievement, and declining self-confidence.

People who are under more stress tend to dream of jumping down from the shore, which means a struggle to get rid of this predicament. Of course, it is not so easy to get rid of this predicament, so some people will repeat this dream.

To dream of sliding down from a height, you will be demoted.

A woman dreams of falling from a height, her husband’s income and happiness will be hindered.

Dreaming of slipping and falling with his wife, the husband and wife love each other and grow old together.

The man in love dreamed of falling down with his lover, and soon he was about to tie the knot.

To dream of someone slipping and falling is an ominous sign and you will suffer losses.

To dream of your wife sliding down from a height, it takes a lot of medical expenses to treat his wife.

The patient dreamed of falling to a low place, and it is difficult for the body to recover in the near future.

A businessman dreams of falling from a high place to a low place, his income will drop sharply.

Dream of flying

The survey shows that most college students have dreams of flying. Dreaming of happy flying is often full of confidence. However, there are also many friends who dream that they are flying sweetly at first, and then when the picture changes or the wind blows, there is a sudden danger of falling. At this time, you should examine whether you are a little arrogant. People who are often too pushy will suffer. People came to criticize.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

To dream of descending from a height, the official is out of position, fierce. Dunhuang Book of Dreams

To dream of going up high, rich and honorable. Dunhuang Book of Dreams

To dream of being high is rich and honorable. Dunhuang Book of Dreams