The tides and tides in the dream are symbols of opportunity.

Dreaming of rising tide indicates that new opportunities will usher in the first half of career and life.

Dreaming of the tide coming to your face indicates that you may not want to change your current lifestyle. Don't be too cautious. Although the original method is safe, it also hides the factors of stagnation.

Dreaming of ebb tide means that in the face of opportunities, you may be a little conservative and hope to maintain the status quo.

Dreaming that the tides fluctuate greatly, which means that your current affairs will make great progress and will succeed in the near future.

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: Dreaming about the tide means trying to take advantage of the ups and downs of life to promote one's development and advancement. Sometimes it also means letting the flow of feelings and feelings be unconstrained. Just as the rising tide symbolizes the huge energy of the building, the low tide means the elimination of strength and ability.

Psychological analysis: Generally speaking, there are two seasonal storm surges every year: one in spring and one in autumn (dreaming about the season). Therefore, seeing a storm surge in a dream often indicates the season. A full moon pouring over the booming high tide water can indicate the toughness and strength of women at a certain stage of development.

Spiritual symbol: From a spiritual point of view, dreaming of the tide announces the change of the tide, which shows that you have found the right path.