The lake in dreams usually symbolizes a rich inner world. On the spiritual level, our impulses are hidden under unfathomable lakes. The different states of the lake in the dreamland express different levels of emotion or anxiety inside us. The tranquil surface of a lake or pond sometimes reminds us that we cannot be blinded by the subconscious appearance. The tranquil underwater actually hides turbulent inner activities.

Dreaming of the clear lake, it means that after several efforts, I finally overcome my inner fear and all kinds of uneasy thoughts and restored peace.

Dreaming of a lake with many waters means that your heart is full and your life is happy. For businessmen, it indicates that the business is booming and the financial resources are abundant. If the woman is dreaming , it also indicates good health, family happiness, and filial piety in the children. If tourists or drifting people dream about a lake filled with water, it indicates that they will be rich and return home.

The shore of the lake in the dream is green and dense, and the shade is thick, which indicates that there will be a happy event and a rich harvest.

Dreaming of the lake stink, foreshadows many difficulties in life.

If the lake dries up, it may indicate disasters. Please pay attention to your health and go to the hospital if you feel unwell.

Dreaming of swimming in the lake suggests that there may be some financial constraints recently and the days are not easy.

Unmarried men and women dream of bathing in the lake , indicating that they can find a considerate husband, a virtuous wife, and a happy and harmonious life.

The businessman dreamed that he was swimming in the lake, which indicated that the business was not good and he had to plan early.

The original Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams

Drain the water into the lake and become famous. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

The lake is smelly and the main disease is. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

The water in the dream lake is soaring. This Mengwen scholar won, and even won the first rank, Lu Gao Qian; flat people won, there is something terrifying. Mysterious Dreams

Clouds rise in the dream lake, Kyrgyzstan. The sign of auspicious auspiciousness, benefit from benefit, benefit from happiness. The woman dreams that the Lord is free. Mysterious Dreams

Clouds rise in the dream lake. This is an auspicious sign. When the woman dreams, the Lord is happy. "Secret Secretary"

The lake is full of water. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

Psychological Dream Interpretation

Dream interpretation: The lake in the dream symbolizes the inner world of the imagination full of emotions, that is, the side that may be the source of endless power once it is opened. If the lake is polluted, it means that you have accepted the idea of ​​dissatisfaction and no benefit to you. The clear lake means you understand your fears and thoughts.

Psychoanalysis: The lake in dreams is considered the hometown of mysterious women and monsters, thus symbolizing the dark side of women. When you lose your fear of part of your character, the picture of life appears in the dream.

Spiritual Symbol: On a spiritual level, the lake in dreams symbolizes unknown content and primitive matter.